How to Enrol

If you’re a part-time Team Member in Saskatchewan who regularly works at least 780 hours each year, you may enrol for Extended Health (medical and vision) and Dental coverage after you complete 390 hours of service during your first 26 consecutive weeks of employment.

Enrol with Sun Life online or call 1-866-881-0583. AdminPlus representatives can assist you 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (EST).

If you enrol more than 31 days after you first become eligible, you are considered a late entrant and you must submit evidence of insurability for yourself and for each dependant you are enrolling to Sun Life.

If you have no dependant when you enrol and later acquire one through birth of your first child or marriage, call Sun Life for assistance.

When Coverage Begins

Your coverage is effective on the latest of:

  • The first of the month on or after you become eligible,
  • The date that you enrol for insurance, or
  • The date that Sun Life approves your evidence of insurability.

Dependant coverage is effective on the latest of:

  • The date you become eligible for dependant insurance,
  • The date that you request dependant insurance, or
  • The date that Sun Life determines the insurability of all of your dependants and approves at least one dependant.