Keep those pearly whites bright with dental coverage.

If you’re a part-time Team Member in Saskatchewan, Michaels offers the following dental coverage for you only.

What the Plan Pays

You must enrol in coverage when you are first eligible. If you don’t, you will be required to complete a Statement of Health in order to select Dental coverage for you and your eligible dependants. Coverage won’t be effective until your Statement of Health is approved by Canada Life.

Dental* (Available to Team Members Only)
Deductible None
Check-Up Frequency Once every 6 months
Complete Exam Frequency Once every 36 months
Emergency Exam Once every 12 months
Preventive & Periodontal Scaling Total of 8 time units per year (1 time unit = 15 minutes)
Denture Adjustment, Repair, Relining 100% (once every 36 months)
Diagnostic & Preventive Services (oral exams, cleanings, X-rays) 50%
Restorative Services 50%
Periodontic Services 50%
Endodontic Services 50%
Maximum $1,000 per calendar year
Dental Fee Guide Current fee guide in the Province of Treatment

What the Plan Costs

Your Dental Premium Cost