Change in Status

Updating Your Benefits Due to Qualifying Life Events
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Life happens, and sometimes you need to make changes to your benefits outside of the initial enrolment period.

Request a Change in Status

If you experience a qualifying life event, you will have 30 days to make changes to your benefits, and the change in status must be consistent with the life event.

To request a change to your benefits outside of the enrolment period, due to a qualifying life event, complete the Qualifying Life Event Form in Workday using the link below.

Remember to submit this form as soon as possible and within 30 days of your life event to avoid paying retroactive premiums.

Qualifying Life Events

Below are life events that qualify for a change in status.

Employment Status

  • Change in employment status, such as moving from part-time to full-time. You will have 30 days to enrol.

Family Changes

  • Birth, adoption, or death of a child, causing a change in coverage status
  • Marriage
  • Divorce/legal separation
  • Eligibility of a common-law spouse, when the 12-month cohabitation requirement has been satisfied
  • Death of a family member

Extended Health & Dental Coverage Changes

  • Gain/loss of Extended Health and/or Dental benefit coverage for you or a dependant
  • Adding or removing eligible dependants for Extended Health and Dental benefits