Change in Status

Life happens and sometimes you need to make benefit changes outside of your initial enrolment.

If you experience a qualifying life event, you have 31 days to make changes to your benefits. The changes you make must be consistent with the event. Contact Sun Life at 1-866-881-0583 if you have a qualifying life event.

Qualifying Life Events

  • Change in employment status, such as part-time to full-time (Will have 31 days to enrol)
  • Birth, adoption or death of a child (if this causes a change in coverage status)
  • Marriage
  • Divorce/legal separation
  • Eligibility of a common-law spouse when the 12-month cohabitation requirement has been satisfied
  • Gain/loss of Extended Health and/or Dental benefit coverage for you or a dependant
  • Death of a family member
  • Adding or removing eligible dependants for Extended Health and Dental benefits