Paid Parental Leave

Paid time off to welcome a child to your family

Paid Parental Leave Enhancement for Salaried Team Members

Michaels recognizes becoming a parent is a life-changing experience, and we are committed to supporting our Team Members through these important family events. Michaels is pleased to introduce an industry-leading Paid Parental Leave (PPL) program effective February 5, 2023.

All salaried Team Members who are new parents will have eight full weeks of paid leave at 100% of base pay, which may be taken incrementally in the first year following the date of birth or qualifying event.

PPL will be available to new eligible parents, whether their child has been welcomed to their family through birth, surrogacy, adoption, foster care or legal guardianship. The policy applies to salaried full-time Team Members who are the legal mother, father, domestic partner or guardian of the child.

After 8 weeks of PPL, parents can take up to two additional weeks (80 hours) of sick, vacation or personal pay based on available balances and in accordance with all applicable Company policies.

PPL leave will be coordinated with applicable federal or provincial, family, and medical leave. More details will be available in the full PPL policy, which will be posted to The MIK SharePoint and MIK HUB.

Michaels prohibits discrimination or retaliation against any Team Member for using or requesting Short-Term Disability leave, parental leave, or any other legally protected family or medical leave and will not tolerate interference with an employee’s utilization of these leaves.

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