Guide de ressources sur le coronavirus

Coronavirus Resources

As the Coronavirus continues to surge, Michaels Team Members provide necessary and essential support to our customers and the communities we serve. We have been there from the beginning of this devastating pandemic. The challenges have been significant.

Many of you have dealt with substantial hardship, illness and loss in the months since the pandemic began. Michaels CARES has provided valuable assistance and economic support for COVID contact quarantine, life-threatening illnesses and deaths. Grants are available for any team members that meet the requirements. You can reach us at with questions.

To provide Team Members additional resources, we are launching this Coronavirus Resources page that will provide you a wide range information, counseling support and opportunities to apply for financial assistance.

This page will be updated regularly as more information becomes available. Bookmark this page and check back often. Share the link with co-workers and family members.

General Resources

Covid Symptoms and Treatment – Information on what symptoms you should be looking for.

Michaels CARES – Apply for financial assistance during natural disasters, fires or other personal difficulties (Applications can be found on The MIK or MIK Hub at your work location).

COVID-19 Economic Response Plan – Available benefits for individuals and families.

Employment Insurance Benefits and Leave – How to apply and submit a report for benefits.

Emergency Rent Subsidy – The government is proposing to continue COVID-19 business support programs until May 2022.

Michaels Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) – Counseling on a variety of personal, financial and family concerns.

Travel Advice – Travel restrictions and advisories.

National Awareness Resources – Videos, audio, factsheets and infographics about COVID-19.

National Updates – The latest information about current cases, risk to Canadians, news and updates.

Provincial Resources


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island